When and why use MenaPro

MenaPro has been designed to create small and medium websites, and so on it is fast, it has very low resources consumption and has been developed under Yii2 (probably the best php framework). We have focused in performance, user experience and usability. This is why we think MenaPRO is the easiest to use cms ever created. 

Local business

Yes. Menapro is ideal for creating amazing websites for local business. Thanks to its unique grid and content editor have a really short learning curve, making it ideal for website developers the posibility to offer to their customers an auto editable website. 


Yes. MenaPro is suitable for corporations websites. There is no limit in number of pages, but there are a limit nesting. Up to three levels are available. This is no casualty, a very complex tree in a website is a bad practice and makes users leave.

Product sites

Yes. It´s the perfect platform for microsites and websites specialized in product marketing. Menapro is responsive and its grid editor is perfect to forget about code and center all your efforts in design.

Software website

Yes. Menapro in combination with "code block" is the fastest and most esthetic way to build a software official website. Code block uses code-mirror to colorize code in more than 100 different languages. Grid also allow to combine notes on left and code on right.


Yes. MenaPro now includes a microbloggin tool so you can tell your storie in your website. The blog tool has been made thinking in sharing news with the users. Also the interface is easy to use.

Sell online

No, but yes. Menapro is not designed to sell goods online. But you can sell using third party carts like Paypal. Obviusly this is intended to sell only a few products. To make an online store relay on dedicated systems like Prestashop or Magento

Did you know...

Menapro content links are made by reference. This means you can move or copy your site without need to update database.

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