Simplicity does not mean weakness


Unique grid editor

Unique visual composer

No shortcodes, no endless forms, no page reloads. Add, move, change, edit... All with your mouse. You can move anything to anywhere inside the content and keep text and image, slider and others separate.

No more {shortcodes/}

Say goodbye to all those shortcuts to add a gallery, a map, etc... In MenaPro you can see what you are doing. Look at the example to see how fast and easy is create a gallery.

We have developed a custom file manager to be as powerful and simple as Menapro, and it is. You can select multiple images at the same time.

Create a gallery in word


  • Easy to edit grid system
  • Keyword icon finder
  • 1 Click elements (Video, maps, icons, lists...)
  • Easy config panel
  • Improved file manager
  • Easy migration to server
  • News system included


  • CSS compression
  • Javascript compression
  • Html compression
  • gZip compression
  • Page level cache
  • Cache auto refresh
  • Image auto scaling
  • PHP5.4 ~ PHP7 support


  • Obfuscated core folder
  • Obfuscated admin folder
  • Additional htaccess filter
  • Based on Yii2
  • PDO Queries
  • htaccess auto-generate
  • Common security supervisor
Fast interface

As fast as your computer.

The edition interface works as fast as your computer. Change text, move a block, add a gallery... All in a few seconds. All the content can be reordered at any time. There is not need to reload the backend to edit, save or update.

The heart and lungs of the monster

MenaPro is powered by Yii Framework, one of the best php frameworks, you can extend your cms as far as you want. Menapro also features JSBlocks, a specific javascript framework developed for MenaPro. With this framework you will be able to build your own custom blocks in minutes. 

Yii Framework

Ready to speak many languages

Deploy international websites as easy as you work with MenaPro. You can create new content for each language or copy all the images and text and then translate.

Reactive themes

Much more than a template

Now you have the control over the template. MenaPro gives your css tips to know how to work on each situation. Because we all know that is not the same two blocks of text than a block of text and an image, or a video... etc. Join the power of scss and MenaPro and enjoy.

Powered by the best php framework

MenaPro has been developed under Yii2. A curated and well developed framework.

The best is that the CMS has been created leaving the posibility to grow with your own controllers and models.

MenaPro has no association with Yii Framework

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This site has been created and is powered by MenaPro content management system.