Core development

Improving the source code of MenaPro

See contribute section

Create an application using MenaPro as Boilerplate

MenaPro can be used as a boilerplate to develope your apps with a powerful cms.


1. The base

MenaPro is developed under PHP using Yii2 Framework.

Before making changes in the system you shall learn the basics of Yii

Meanwhile Yii is used to store and validate data manipulation is made in Javascript.

There are multiple Javascript classes implicit in content edition.

2. Adding custom controller

If you know Yii you can create custom controllers and function extending the main app with modules. Also can create your own custom url rules, but remember that menapro does not include ids in url, so keep in mind that if you do so in your module there is a possibility of collission.

Keep in mind that updates, and future automatic updates will not be valid for you, because they will override the whole project.

3.Interaction with Backend

While you can create your own views, controllers and models, you can´t interact directly with grid editor. To do this you must create a block that communicates with your controller vía ajax.